Algoma Harvester Passing Boldt Castle

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Algoma Harvester Passing Boldt Castle

Please Note: “Johnny Truesdell” TEXT/watermark WILL NOT be on the image..

Canvas Prints:
A Canvas Print with a Mirror Wrap that is Ready-To-Hang
High-Quality Canvas Material stretched onto a pine frame and ready to hang. The ink is UV and Water-Resistant. These look great in just about any setting and are what I sell the most of. The heights on these change based on the desired width, but the aspect ratio of the photo will stay about the same. Just message me if you are interested in a specific canvas width for a particular photo and I can tell you what the height would be.

Photo Prints:
Printed on high-quality giclee inkjet printers using archival quality paper. Note: If the aspect ratio of the print does fit the 24×16 or 36×24 poster format we will have to discuss that and come up with an option you like. There are a few ways it can be handled. I have a few tricks to make it fit or I can always print it out at slightly different height dimensions to keep the aspect ratio the same.

Metal Prints:
With metal prints, your image is sublimated onto the surface of rigid aluminum panels with a White base to maximize color and contrast. This high gloss surface provides a metallic look while preserving the white points in an image. The final product displays a high-level luminescence effect for seemingly superior image density and contrast. These provide a very modern look as they are ready to hang via a system that makes them look as if floating an inch or so from the wall. These generally do not have as much UV
protection though as a regular print or canvas and therefore need to be kept away from direct sunlight.

HD Acrylic
The image is 1st printed on high-resolution metallic photo paper using archival quality ink, then using the highest quality optically clear adhesive, mounted directly onto a high-quality UV-resistant cast acrylic sheet. The edges of the Acrylic are polished to a diamond-like finish. There are also various mounting options. Prices for acrylic pieces are not listed. You will need to tell me the size you are looking for and we can go from there. These HD Acrylic prints are quite a bit more expensive and also more impressive than metal prints..

In addition to all of these options, I can generally get you a print at larger sizes than listed or at custom sizes to fit existing frames, for example, I can also get prints done on different kinds of paper like matte. please just contact me with your needs.

NOTE: The Artist Name and Watermarks WILL NOT be on the front of the actual images you purchase.


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