And so it begins.

Living in the 1000 Islands Region of NY State I shoot quite a bit of video and take my share of photos, and every so often, I capture something pretty amazing.. So as a new year begins so does A place to sell my prints..  I’ll start by selling one or two of my favorites and go from there.. Please check back as I add more offerings..

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  1. My husband and I love your videos, Johnny. We love the Islands and all there is to explore there. We used to have jet skis, too, and rode them all over the place (even out to Charity Shoal on Lake Ontario!), but had to sell them last year after I lost both legs due to an auto-immune disease. (Prosthetics and water do not always mix.) We do miss our cruising times… But your videos bring back so many memories! We do so enjoy them. Can’t wait to see what photo prints you will have to offer on your site! Keep up the great work! And thank you, thank you, thank you!

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